“Provide harmony and balance without being sweet. Embody a fullness without being fat and heavy. Develop a piquant, mineral and distinct taste, without a dominant superficial emphasis on the fruit. An intense and multilayered smell.” This is the concept the Dr. Wehrheim winery pursues and considers its personal standard for a great wine. In order to meet these standards, thorough care and close attention to the grape along with an ideal vinification of the wine in the cellar are absolute necessities.

Cellar: Tradition meets Modernity

In the cellar, modern and traditional techniques are combined. Decisive is whatever is best for every single wine. Depending on the type of wine the fermentation in stainless steel vats or oak barrels is better suited. After a gentle fermentation, every single wine ages for as long as necessary to develop its own unique character.

Vineyards: biodynamic for more taste

The Dr. Wehrheim winery has the privilege of owning unique sites. Nevertheless, it is crucial to take thorough care of the grapes in order to ensure perfect conditions for the development of the fruits. Since 2007 the Wehrheim family has been engaged in bio-dynamic farming and, since 2010, the winery has been certified organic. On the one hand the eco-friendly work is directed at improving the beverage wine; on the other hand it helps secure long-term sustainability. The sites and vineyards are a cultural and ecological heritage and we are convinced that it is our responsibility to protect it and to make sure that future generations benefit from it as well. After all, the environmental friendly work is also beneficial to the taste of the wines. Since the start of the biodynamic work, the connection between the wines, their taste and the soil the grapes grow on has become even more distinct and striking.

Family: Three Generations – one winery

The Dr.Wehrheim winery is a family winery. The family is committed to a sustainable and innovative way of working. Hence future generations will be able to benefit from the cultural heritage. “This is a commitment to nature and our children“, states Karl-Heinz Wehrheim. He has run the winery since 1992. In 2010, his son Franz Wehrheim joined him and started to work in the winery during his oenology studies. Dr. Heinz Wehrheim Senior is still supporting his life’s work and happily acts in an advisory capacity to his family.

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