The winery Dr. Wehrheim has produced high quality dry wines since 1920. Traditional grape varieties which grow on unique sites have been vinified in the cellar of the historic Art Nouveau farmyard for four generations. Karl-Heinz and Franz Wehrheim are known for the development of expressive wines, in which the taste of the distinctive regional features and the Terroir can be experienced with each sip. With their work in the vineyard and the cellar Karl-Heinz and his son Franz strive to highlight the original, natural characteristics of their wines.  

Since 1991 the winery has been a member of the VDP (the Association of German Prädikat Wine Estates) and was one of the first wineries in the region invited to join the association. Furthermore, the winery belongs to the „fünf Winzer fünf Freunde- five winemakers five friends“ an association of premium wineries from the southern Palatinate. The goal of this association is to produce high quality wines that express unique terroir characteristics from the Palatinate region. The Dr. Wehrheim winery cultivates traditional grape varieties on 17 ha with an average yield of 5000 l per hectare.


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